"A movie shock, surprising, nocturnal, 
shouting his rage through seven tables, 
seven paintings of duration approximately equal, 
the whole forming a coherent whole despite the side Byzantine intentionally 
of each Party. Straight lines, circulars, symmetrical, disordered also, 
as if the logic of the ancient Greece had disappeared for ever"
Élie Castiel Séquences

World premiere:

20th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (nomin. Grand Prize), Estonia

Next stops:

9th Bengaluru International Film Festival, India
37th Fantasporto, Portugal (nomin. Directors' week award)
9th Paris Panorama Greek Cinema, France
28th Ankara International Film Festival, Turkey
10th London Greek iff (best concept award), U.K
11th Los Angeles Greek IFF, U.S.A.(nomin. best film)
24th Greek Film Festival, Australia
9th Maverick Movie Awards, U.S.A. (best director, nomin. best film/script)
11th BLOW-UP Chicago, USA (Nomin. best director & best script)
Accolade Global Film Competition, U.S.A (award of Merit)
30th Athens Panorama of European Cinema, Greece (nomin. best film)
58th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece
6th Calgary European Film Festival, Canada
10th This human world – Vienna I.F.F, Austria (nomin. best film)
13th Edinburgh Greek Film Festival, Scotland 
3th Hellas FilmBox, Berlin (nomin. best film)
46th Belgrade IFF, Serbia
27th DU CINÉMA GREC Strasbourg, France
8th Philosophical IFF, Fyrom (Finalist)
6th Montreal Greek film festival, Canada
22th European film festival Bucharest, Romania
9th Hellenic Film Academy Awards(nomin. for best film)
8th South-East European Film Festival Berlin & Paris(best director)
13th International Human Rights Film Festival, Albania
3th Scandinavian International Film Festival(best film)
6th Chania International Film Festival
5th Sose International Film Festival Armenia(best script,best camera)
Rome Indepentent Prisma Awards, Italy(best film)






A operator endeavors to help people keep on living and hoping.
Storyline : Greece now days. Seven different stories about seven persons who have already reached their limits and finally fall apart. Despite their seemingly obvious connection they are simultaneously connected through a common desperate action: the last phone call to the psychological support center called “life line”. It’s their last hope. As no one can really help them, even then, they all remain another part of the contemporary Greek tragedy.



Member of both the European Film Academy and the Hellenic Film Academy, Vassilis Mazomenos dutifully pens and helms a modern day Greek tragedy, told through the lives of seven individuals crushed by the economic crisis.

Seven chapters about seven broken individuals, build a tragical unicum about what it means to live in Greece in these hard times of financial restraint. “The company”, “the factory”, “streets”, “batman”, “the farm”, “live” and “the terrace” are the names of the episodes representing the whole gamut of a class-riven society. The leading thread connecting all these stories is a psychological support center called “life line” to which the protagonists of each episode call to get their pain off their chest and ask for help, comprehension and support.

A stifling symphony of defeat for human kind as a whole, “Lines” is a necessary film in times in which numbers and ideological yarns dominate the political agenda, much to the disadvantage of the millions of individuals ensnared in a system that has proven to be frail and unreliable. The inspiration for the film comes from the numerous suicides that shook the Greek society in the years following the burst of the economic crisis. Long takes give the time and room to the actors to deliver their trenchant, harrowing performances. The film is shot only at night and, bolstered by a clean, dark cinematography and murky locations, it serves as prescient afflatus to beget much needed critical thinking.

Giampietro Balia